In-Gear Legalytics works with the entire corporate legal services value chain.

We help law firms speak the language of business and understand the legal value chain as a process, thereby enhancing both revenue and profitability for the law firm.

We also help companies empower their legal departments to be a strategic advantage in a competitive marketplace and directly contribute to bottom line profitability.

Our mission: to optimize value creation in the intersection among Business, Law and Technology.

We also help design and refresh strategic frameworks to sustain improvements and transformation.

Proactive, not reactive

Data, not anecdote

Strategy, not mitigation

Many of the same forces that are changing other industries and professions have been reshaping legal services and the profession. We focus on solutions to the challenges of a modern global legal practice:

  • Budget Crunch: Legal budgets are subjected to unprecedented levels of scrutiny, requiring buyers to be highly sophisticated purchasers and outside counsel to deliver exceptional results at minimal cost.
  • Act Like a Client: Lawyers are expected to branch out to fill in the gaps with businesses and to work seamlessly with functions that are heavily process and data driven.
  • Business Focus: Legal service providers are no longer only called upon to deliver the right answer to the question asked, but are also expected to identify the right problem to solve in the first instance.
  • Proactive Lawyering: As increased attention is paid to data mining and analytics, lawyers are expected to practice preventative law more, and remedial law less.