About Us

In-Gear Legalytics is the first business consultancy based in Asia dedicated to supporting development of and adaptation to the emerging corporate legal services value chain.

We work with the entire range of corporate legal counselors – corporate legal departments, law firms and alternative service providers – to help them to get “in gear” with client business objectives by focusing on efficiency and efficacy in the delivery of legal services.

We are practicing lawyers with broad and deep commercial experience as well as experts in legal process management, data analytics, and integrating technology into the corporate legal toolkit.

We understand that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, and are dedicated to crafting solutions that are actually adopted by our clients’ organizations.  We are change management experts that can implement tailored solutions that will be adopted by your organization’s people, implemented in its processes and integrated into its platforms.

We cover all major and emerging legal services markets connected to Asia directly and through our regional alliance partners.

Our Commitment To You

To provide lawyers the tools they need to excel for themselves and their clients.

We bring to the table:

Decades of legal practice experience across numerous jurisdictions in North America and Asia

Six sigma, lean, agile and continuous improvement methodologies applied to a legal services context

Informatics and data analytics to empower decision makers with effective and actionable tools

Change management leadership

Cross-cultural proficiency

Business acumen in a legal context

Experience in development of technology in the legal service industry